It’s pretty simple. We want to have fun and travel and hook up with hot fun chics.  Been doing it for years and finally decided to share helpful info, money saving tips, funny stories and hot pics and vids with all the other cool dudes that are doing the same or are trying to make it happen and hopefully this site helps.

There’s a lot of great sites out there about the same topics and same places, the Redcats, Stickmans, NomadPhilippines and more are all great and inspirational, we’re not looking to copy anybody or take any readers, just visit and enjoy them all. We pal around with some of those other bloggers you probably read and having good connections to keep updated is good for everybody. Maybe YOU will be the next one to throw up a good site and share your adventures- go for it! And let us know so we can promote it too!

One rule on the site- be cool and respect everyone, even the girls you see here in pics or in the comments. We are guys that love to have fun with girls and don’t take them for granted or treat them badly, if that’s your thing then this is not a site for you.

And tell us in the comments or contact page what you want to see or read more about. We’re new so we want to hear from our readers and followers and see what they want, maybe we can do more of those things. Hell why waste time giving you protein shake recipes if you want more pics of chics in our hotel room right?!

Whatever it is you want to make happen in this short life, get the hell out there and do it now!

Thanks for comin’ by, come back again and please share our site and posts anywhere!

Be cool, cya!